Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Painted Pebbles" Oil 600x750
Walking along a beach in Tasmania
I noticed a large patch of sky blue pebbles.
It looks like that someone may have
painted the underside of their boat
and spilled the cobalt blue paint. Not
my usual type of painting but a lot
of fun.

"Murry Scrub" Oil Study 150x500
This is a study for a larger painting
of the Murray river called
"Afternoon Shadows" I wanted to see
the way the foreground rocks would look.

"Flinders Study" Oil 330x230
I think every Australian Landscape
Artist must at some time do a painting
of the South Australian Flinders Ranges.
This was painted from a photo that I took
a few years ago. Must go back one day and
paint a series.

"Cockatoo Valley" Oil 700x350
When I saw the way the light
fell on this old shed I just coudln't
resist painting it. I've passed this shed
a number of times but this time the
light was spot on.